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Upgrade your building's lighting with mercury free LED light bulbs. LED or (light emitting diodes) offer up to 85% energy savings over incandescents. Unlike CFLs, LEDs are mercury free. The initial extra cost is quickly recouped and the savings keep coming for up to 20 years. CREE  even offers a 10 year warranty on some bulbs. Invest in your building's energy efficiency, it's a winner!

Green Energy Solutions

LED lights could significantly impact energy savings in the U.S.

DOE estimates savings of $280 billion dollars by 2025.

Broken CFL Guidelines

Approximately 330 million energy saving CFL light bulbs are sold each year.

When a CFL is broken it can release mercury vapors and solids.

Mercury is proven to cause severe birth defects and diminished IQ in children.


EPA - Guidelines for broken CFLs